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Smelly Jelly Air Fresheners

Smelly Jelly Air Fresheners

These are air fragrances that you can use in your car, closet, drawers, or any room where a candle doesn't fit, or you simply can't burn a candle. These jellies last approximately 30 days, and you can occasionally sprinkle them with water and stir to refresh & prolong them. Each one comes in a 4oz mason jar with vented lid. Each one is colored based on the fragrance, but if you want a specific color, that can be done as well. Just send us a message with your order, and we will customize it for you.


Contains water crystals, distilled water, fragrance, and color dye, packaged in a 4oz mason jar with a vented lid.

  • Product Returns

    We do not accept returns, but if you have an issue with your order, please email us to discuss.

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